White Paper

Distributed Forest Token (LEAF)


The Distributed Forest Token (LEAF) is an asset representing an abstract absorption of Co2 obtained by promoting the planting of trees in several jurisdictions.
It can be used by individuals and companies to reduce the carbon footprint of their households and businesses.
Full transparency, a seamless secondary market and ease of access make it a superior solution compared to centralized platforms.
A dynamic badge can be generated to show your users how many LEAFs you hold in your address proving your commitment.

The Trees

Trees are planted initially through Treedom (https://www.treedom.net/en/)  . A well known international provider that has followed the planting of company forests for many international businesses like Samsung, Timberland, enel, toyota and more (https://business.treedom.net/en) . The money paid to Treedom goes into programs to plant trees in dedicated areas worldwide (https://www.treedom.net/en/projects) and they have a top notch system to monitor planted trees, replace those who die and keep track of the process through photographs and more (https://www.treedom.net/en/organization/decentralizedforest

Ideally we would like to propose deals with other providers to plant trees always on a case by case basis but initially Treedom will be the provider.

Planting a tree with Treedom means financing a farmer to plant a tree and supporting it until it is productive.

In fact, with Treedom a tree is much more than a tree. Here’s what’s included in the price:

  • Project start-up
  • Construction of the nursery and production of seedlings
  • Distribution of plants to farmers
  • Positioning of the plant
  • Maintenance of the plant until it provides an income to the farmer
  • Training of farmers on the best agro-forestry practices, also with the support of local universities and research institutions
  • Replacing the failed plants during the first years in which the mortality rate is higher
  • Planting 5% more trees, that are not assigned to users, to cover tree failures
  • Recording of the tree’s GPS coordinates and photo monitoring
  • Annual sample checks on project areas to verify the permanence of trees and their good health
  • Approval of the photo and control of the coordinates of each individual tree by our specialized agronomists.
  • Assignment of a unique tree ID and insertion of the tree in the public register
  • Periodic project updates, with a focus on environmental and social benefits, published in the Tree’s Diary

The Tokens

Every LEAF represents a kg of Co2 absorbed during the first 10 years of life of the trees. Therefore it is a conservative assumption about the total Co2 absorbed by the tree.

The token will be sold with a margin for the issuer. The idea is to sell the token on the website and it could potentially also be traded on decentralized markets. 

The funds collected are used to finance the project.